Málaga 2010 - TOOLS, ICMT, SC & TAP

Venue Location

TOOLS 2010 federated conferences will be held at the School of Informatics (E.T.S. de Ingeniería Informática) of the University of Málaga, located at the Campus de Teatinos.

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Transportation - Going from the Airport to Málaga


The train station is outside the airport building. You should take the lift in the Arrivals Hall up the Departures Hall, and then walk to the outside, through the upper level parking area, going over the footbridge, which spans the road below. Follow the signs for the train station.

Look out for this sign above the station
(Pictured right)

It is important to know that you must have a ticket before you board the train, or you will be liable for a fine of around 10 times the cost of the fare. There is an automated ticket machine at the airport train station, which works with Euro coins, bank notes (up to €20), and credit cards. The price of a single is around €1,20 (working days and weekend fares are slightly different).

First train 07:09, then every half an hour. Last train 23.59. Journey time 12 minutes. Take the direction Málaga (not Fuengirola), until the terminus station (Málaga Renfe - Vialia).

Price of Train Ticket:
Most one way journeys are under €3 depending on destination and day of the week (slightly higher tariff on Saturdays and public holidays).


A new bus express service (Line "A") between the airport and the city centre has been inaugurated this week. It runs every 30 min (from 06:25 to 24:00 every day), costs 2 Eur (the city bus card is not valid for this line), and takes around 20-25 min.

You can take/leave the bus either at "Explanada de la Estación" (train station) if you are staying at the Tryp Alameda Hotel, or at "Alameda Principal" or "Paseo del Parque" if you are staying at Don Curro, Petit Palace, AC Málaga Palacio or any other hotel downtown. This is probably the best option for arriving/departing for the airport, in addition to the ones mentioned in the booklet (taxi, train, and bus line #19)


The Bus stop is located just outside the main arrivals hall (turn right on leaving and walk 40m). Frequent bus Services from the Airport to Málaga City Service No 19. This is an urban bus, it may leave the airport empty but fill with passengers en-route so be prepared if you have a lot of luggage.

From the Airport to Malaga bus and train station every 1/2 hour:

First Bus: 07.00
Last Bus: 24.00

From Malaga bus and train station to the Airport every 1/2 hour:

First Bus: 06.30
Last Bus: 23.30

The cost is around 1 euro.


The Taxi fares from Malaga airport have two tariff bands:

Fare 1*(weekdays from 06.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.): minimum fare, €1.30; kilometre travelled, €0.75; hour's wait, €17; minimum service, €3.20; minimum service from the airport, €14.

Fare 2*(weekdays from 10.00 p.m. to 06.00 a.m., Saturdays and holidays): minimum fare, €1.60; kilometre travelled, €0.90; hour's wait, €21; minimum service, €4; minimum service from the airport, €17.

Fare 3* (Saturdays and holidays from 3:00 am to 6:00 am): minimum fare, €2; kilometre travelled, €1.10; hour's wait, €26; minimum service, €5; minimum service from the airport, €18.

How to get to the conference venue from the city centre


As part of your delegate package you will be given a bus map and a bus card, which is valid for the whole week of the conference (Monday 28 to Friday 2). The bus card grants you an unlimited number of trips in all city buses.

There are several lines that take you from Málaga downtown to the University, but probably the best one is #20. Buses run every 10-15 min and the duration of the trip is between 15 and 20 min. depending on the traffic.

Coming from Málaga downtown you can take it at the Alameda Ave., very close to where the recommended conference hotels are. The final stop is “Hospital Clínico”, where you should get off to go to the conference venue (the hospital is in front of the ETSI Informática). The ETSI Informática is 50m. away from the bus stop, you will see the building when you get off the bus.

Once you arrive to the ETSI Informática, follow the signs for TOOLS 2010.

Bus#20 is also the bus you can take to go back to the city centre. Be careful not mistaking it with bus #22, because they share stops but it serves a different part of the city. The number of the bus lines are shown both in the displays in the front and the side of the buses.

When you do not need your bus card anymore (for instance, if you are leaving to the airport directly from the University), please return it to the registration desk, since cards can be recycled.


An alternative option to go to the conference venue is by taxi. It costs around 8 Euro, and the trip duration is around 10 minutes. There are taxi racks at the door or most hotels, or very close to them. From going from the conference venue back to the city centre or directly to the airport by taxi, you can either ask somebody at the TOOLS registration desk to order you a taxi, or walk to the taxi rack at the Hospital Clínico (100 m. away from the conference venue).

The duration of the trip by taxi from the ETSI Informática to the city centre is around 10 minutes (it goes up to 15 min. in the afternoon) and around 15-20 minutes to go to the airport. From the city centre to the airport you should allow 20 to 25 minutes to be in the safe side (trip fare around 20 euros).

IMPORTANT: Please try to be at the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight (60 if it is a domestic flight).